Lock down! Lock down! Lock down!

Lock down! Lock down! Lock down! I get to hear from everyone. I can’t play with my friends. I can’t go shopping with my parents. I can’t see my grandparents. When holidays were declared due to lock down I was so happy thinking that my summer vacation has begun so soon with not much of studies for the new grade. Added to my happiness the lock down has even brought my brother home from hostel. First day of my lock down was spent happily coloring, doing some art work and a little of time spent towards academics. Second day, it was not that exciting because I have to either do the same art work or coloring and mandate my homework. Among all these I found the most interesting occupation for me was disturbing my brother, but for that I would get back from my mother as my brother had to prepare for his entrances. Day of Enlightenment! I started planning my schedule for the days of quarantine (Hmm…. I started learning new terms of this lock down) with my mom’s help.

Quarantine and Lock down turned out to be a blessing for me to upgrade my knowledge, learn new things and master the ones I already knew. My mother suggested that every day I learn a new thing which I haven’t attempted any time like cutting vegetables, handling myself with great care when working with a sharp knife as directed by my mom, settling my wardrobe, also working on my health to improve immunity drinking honey,lime in luke warm water early in the morning, doing exercise as per my brother’s instructions. All these happened to be my new learning but my hobbies which tend to continue on a regular basis are my love for classical dance ,watching Doraemon and doing lot of coloring activities. This happens to be the pass time after my most important activity I i.e., academics.

Lock down has given a new way of learning because from the time I started going to school I only knew holiday homework for term I vacation and summer holiday homework. I never knew that learning can happen even from home without going to school. I saw my brother attending some video classes and was in a thought process that I too can get into such learning only once I grow up to be his age, but when it was my turn I felt so happy to be into it myself. I always had wonderful experiences at Reqelford International School from the day one and this was one among them. The school has decided a schedule of three to four subject worksheets every day from day one of lock down. The worksheets are posted in the group on a daily basis and my work for the day really awaits me even before I wake up. For a girl of my age it was very much surprising that your work is planned well in advance by the school and I learnt to be more organized everyday in completing my work. The most interesting aspect is along with the home work I also received Times NIE from school in the group which helped me improve my reading skills and I also gained lot of knowledge. Apart from everyone as I have always been learning to approach everything positively, I looked at the Lock down also positively.

Lock down Lock down
You have shown me a new dawn
Days of quarantine
Have changed my routine
Lock down Lock down
Inspired me to pen down.

Author: U. Sri Vaishnavi

Staying at home is time to learn more


Hello everyone!

I am Akshaya Goswami, studying in Grade V. I like to spend time with my family and friends, especially outdoors. But because of the lockdown to prevent viral spread I have to stay inside. Initially it was sheer boredom to stay inside home without going outdoors, no play at park and no meeting with friends. I was not finding anything interesting to do alone at home. Then my parents motivated me to explore my hobby interests and spend more time in creative activities. Now, I spend my time at home by learning new art, crafts like calligraphy, origami, sketching and best out of waste ideas from online videos and I am finding all that pretty interesting.

I also help my parents in household chores especially serving food and cleaning my room. I think it has made me more responsible for my home.

As I am getting regular assignments from my teachers hence I ensure to complete them on time which is another way to keep in touch with my studies. I must say thanks to all my teachers who keep on guiding us even without class rooms.

I always had great interest in reading story books and recently began writing short stories and poems too. One of my poems is based on the situation of lockdown in the country to prevent Corona spread.

I would like to give a message through this poem and that is that when people are at home, families staying together, we can enjoy each and every moment by learning something new. This is a tough time but it will pass too. I hope you enjoy reading my poem. Thank you.

Oh! The time of lock down,
It gives people a big frown.
But don’t be upset,
Because your life can be reset.
Your family is with you,
Poetry, art, drawing and much more you can do.
With your family play many games,
But don’t step out because life is not a game.
In your home, live a healthy life,
Sharpen your skills because creativity can be sharper than a knife.
We can learn things from a cell phone,
Or can even do something of our own.
COVID 19, has worried us,
But, if we stay inside we will overcome this fuss.

Author: Akshaya Goswami
Grade V

I was sad about the lock down because…


I am in grade 6 going to grade 7. I was sad about the lock down because I was starting a new grade. When the lock down took place, I had to study from home. The teachers uploaded worksheets which I was able to download from the Google Drive link that my mother got on her email. Since I got a tablet before the school shut down, I was able to work from that too. We don’t have a printer at home so the tablet came in handy. I did not buy my textbooks or notebooks before the lockdown but the worksheets that my teachers had uploaded had the necessary notes for me to copy down into my notebooks that I had from the previous year.

I read the notes, made sure I understood them and did the worksheets on my own. I took a little help from my parents. I study three worksheets every day and try and finish my work by lunch time. After some time it became harder because the worksheets got longer so I had to work up till 3:30. I can’t do three worksheets anymore, I just do one, sometimes two a day. I then study the notes and my mother asks me to make sure I remember them. I revise the same thing after dinner.

I enjoy studying from home because I don’t have to wake up early for school. But I am also sad because I was going to take swimming as a sport. It is lonely to do the work at home because my friends are not there around to study with me.

I am happy that I don’t have to do extra homework during the day. I am enjoying spending this extra time with my parents helping in house work as well!

Author: Tiffany
Grade 7 IGCSE

How I have spent my time at home during quarantine


As an environmental management student, I really appreciate the decision taken by both the Central and State Government of India to arbitrate a lockdown to reduce the extensive spreading of the COVID-19. Although it causes super abundant boredom to be locked down at houses, has a drastic fall in economic activity, putting millions of migrant workers and people working in unorganized sectors jobless, There is no other alternative than “Strict Lockdown” and “Social Distancing” to contain the rapid spread of the Virus.

The Following Is About How I Have Spent My Time At home During Quarantine

Gardening: Every Vacation I get, I always try to inculcate new hobbies to spend time productively. This time, I decided to take up gardening. Watching the roads empty due to the lockdown enforced by the National government, I was surprised to perceive that it could have a positive impact on the environment too. So, to proliferate the reduction of existing greenhouse gases, I thought gardening would be great!

Coding: For a long time now, I was interested in learning new programming languages. So, for this vacation I had signed up for a 60 hours web development course online to improve my programming skills.

Reading: After a busy period of rigorous studying for my board examinations, I feel great pleasure in finally being able to make time for reading fiction.

Instruments: From a very young age I always found the instruments-keyboard and guitar fascinating. During this vacation I spend a lot of time practicing to get better at both of them.

Exercising: Every Morning, I spend an hour or two Working out by doing Cycling within the apartment premises, skipping, and simple body workouts at home to keep myself fit.
These are the hobbies I took up and decided to spend my vacation with.

Entertainment: Considering the present state of being locked down at houses, Spending a certain period of time on Netflix and Amazon prime watching shows and quality movies would do no bad. Along with many other comedy shows, I started a series called “Lost in space” which shows and explains the fundamentals of outer space that makes it interesting.

Author: Siddarth Amarnath
Class 11 IGCSE

My activities for days post lock down

The lockdown it seems has shut the outer world to me, but at the same time it has given me an opportunity to explore new avenues and new possibilities for exploring my own self.

My activities for days post lockdown has been something like this:

  • Exercises
  • Cricket practice in the House Gallery
  • Board games with dad
  • Personality development classes online
  • Studying with Byjus
  • Creative activities with mom
  • Meditation with mom
  • Playing indoor sports in house gallery
  • Playing chess with grandpa
  • Helping grandma in home chores
  • School activity sheets
  • Reading and more reading
  • Watching TV
  • Watching knowledge videos on the computer
  • Practicing typing on computer
  • Hand writing practice
  • Studying school new books
  • Playing on phone (not more than 20 mins)
  • Reveal your secrets game with parents
  • Spending time on the terrace with parents
  • Dancing
  • Organising my things
  • Eating healthy food and balanced diet

Evolving and growing on a daily basis and keeping myself engaged in various activities is my current ‘Mantra’ now!

Thank you so much for reading this ……

Author: Naitik Sethia, Class : V

During the Pandemic

I, Rowan Wahab, IX B would like to share my daily routine during this pandemic. When the Lockdown was announced, I finally understood the severity of Covid-19 and kept myself busy at Home without venturing out. I deeply appreciate the Prime Minister of India, CM of Telangana, Health department, Police Department and all other respected bodies who are trying their level best to keep us safe and strong during this pandemic.

I also appreciate our Principal, Dr. Vidya Sravanthi Mam and her team for their dedication towards us. Special thanks to Nivedita Vasudeva Mam for her extreme efforts, posting the daily work to each class through the Whatsapp groups. I am glad to be a Reqelfordian and will always follow the footsteps of my school’s principles.

Coming to my daily activities, I would like to express the most important things I’m doing during this Pandemic.

Learning: I am making sure I complete my daily work sent by School through the Whatsapp. I’ve completed all the assignments given to me and I am spending time learning new things in my various subjects. My principal and her team have left no stone unturned to ensure we have constructive work to do and I appreciate them for their extra efforts to make us read, learn, write and to keep us busy with the subjects. The planning of the syllabus and assignments provided were exceptional. I understood the efforts put behind to make me/us read and learn the subjects during this pandemic. Other than school work, I am trying to learn more about computers with the help of my Dad.


Cleanliness: During this pandemic, apart from learning, I am trying to help my parents in cleaning, dusting, cooking and various other household chores. As the maid is Off, I am trying to help my mother as much as I can. To prevent from the Covid-19, one of the factors is to keep ourselves and our home clean. I understand this crucial aspect now and I am trying to help my mother and father by supporting them to keep the house clean. I am also making sure that I wash my hands every 30 to 50 minutes using the sanitizers/soap as instructed.



Playing Indoor Games: I am having a great fun time playing indoor games like Caroms, Chess, Ludo and the like with my family besides watching few scientific movies on TV to keep myself occupied once the assignments are done during the day.


I wish we could overcome this pandemic soon! Also I am greatly looking forward to attend school as soon as possible. My request to each Reqelfordian – Stay home and stay safe until this pandemic is gone! God Bless Us!

I spend my time browsing Youtube videos

I am Gabriel Obed Raja, of Grade 7. I would like to share my routine during these extended holidays suddenly thrust upon us!

During this lock down, even when there is no school, I study using online tutoring. It is highly engaging and one gets to learn a lot. It keeps me well-grounded and well-informed where my Academics are concerned and I am able to learn at my own pace. When my online tutoring is done, I spend time bonding with my grandparents who thankfully are at my home now and help my parents in household chores if there are any. I also complete my homework and assignments regularly for, I hate to have backlogs.

I spend my time browsing ‘You tube videos’ on my favourite topics. My mother oversees whatever I watch. I desire to satiate my curiosity to know how Chemistry works by watching related videos.

Learning Virtually – A Paradigm Shift in Education

“The essence of learning is constant movement without a fixed point. If its point becomes your prejudice, your opinions and conclusions, then you cease to learn.”- J. Krishnamurthi- this very aptly applies to the present condition of the education systems around the world. With the schools around the globe declaring a break to curtail the spread of Novel Coronavirus pandemic, education and learning seems to have taken a back seat in everyone’s life. The uncertainty that looms over the situation could not only dampen the spirits of the educators but also thwart the learning curves of a large number of students.

Signalling a requirement of a paradigm shift in the prevailing system, Reqelford International School encouraged its teachers to immediately move to digital learning platforms to ease the war-footing situation. Extensive plans were brainstormed based on the predictions of the forthcoming weeks. Grade-wise and subject-wise time-tables were sorted out. As a result, teachers were asked to map students to Google Drive and WhatsApp platforms using their email IDs and contact numbers. To maintain the continuity of learning, contents like worksheets, PPTs, videos were created and made accessible to the students on a day-to-day basis.

Simultaneously, new avenues of teaching-learning process were explored and the search eventually zeroed onto virtual learning applications. Testing of the content already uploaded on Tataedge software was done and feedbacks were provided. Henceforth, training was given to the high school teachers on Tataedge software and Zoom application which equipped them to successfully conduct virtual classes. To pace up with the year plans, master notes of the chapters are being written by the teachers and would be made available in the coming times. In addition to the above, holiday assignments are under process that would ensure that the students are engaged productively and learn actively throughout the summer break season.

While all this is being done, teachers on the other hand are constantly in touch with their students clarifying their doubts in the assigned work and providing constructive feedbacks. Forsaking the initial apprehensions, the teaching faculty of the school is now seamlessly coordinating with each other, upskilling themselves on newer technology, browsing through numerous websites to create innovative reference materials each day and consequently ensuring that they take this as an opportunity to contribute to the vision of the school at large and also to their personal/professional growth.

Dwindling hope, flickering flame is getting strengthened again as the teaching fraternity in collaboration with the school envisions to make the learning more purposeful.

Author: Mrs. Meera
Department: English
Designation: High School Teacher- IGCSE and CBSE

A Lock Down to Unlock the Senses


Today, when I sat down to pen my thoughts and contemplate about my life before lockdown, I feel my life was fast-paced yet so monotonous. I have never given a pause to my life fearing that my routine might go haywire, but the lockdown has made me realize that there is more to us than just the mundane or routine life that we live. We are living beings created with a higher purpose- purpose to love thy self and in the process love everyone and everything around.

I just realized in these few days of lockdown that how much was amiss in my life. The simple task of breathing itself has changed. Now I breathe better… longer. Being a working mother, I thought it was impossible to sit around and relax for a few minutes but now I know that there is always a possibility to do what you really love and care the most. In today’s fast paced world, are we, who are working non- stop i.e. 24/7, really making best use of our time? The answer is definitely ‘NO’.

“The key is in not spending time but investing in it”- Stephen R. Covey. So, investing time means honing our skills- skills which make us a better human, skills which will help us during the time such as the present lockdown. For example, I caressed the gardening skill during these days which not only helped me to use my time properly but gave plenty in return in the form of kitchen garden. Also, reading and going through the newspaper helped me a lot in not only learning about my immediate surroundings but collecting relevant information and improving my vocabulary.

Though I had my apprehensions initially, all stayed still when I virtually connected with my students over WhatsApp. This difficult time has also taught all of us that it’s not me or you who can bring change; it is `US‘. At home also, it was all of us doing all our work. It was not only my work as a mother to do the kitchen chores but every member helped in it. So, I realized a lot about team work. Likewise, I would like my students and my readers to take a cue from my life and learn to hone your skills. Take up a hobby which relaxes you and which gives you plenty in return i.e. plenty of peace, happiness and satisfaction.

Author: Seena Radhakrishnan
Department: Science
Designation: Middle and High School Teacher

Lock Down: Distancing yet Thrilling


“Lock down is for the body and not for the brain. Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”

The current lock down due to Novel Corona virus appears to be a thrilling experience as I got a lot of time to download resourceful teaching contents and write master notes creatively. I also prepared a variety of innovative teaching resources for my students and utilized this time effectively.

Additionally, I perceive that we have redeemed our planet Earth lately as now it is breathing pure air and is free of sound pollution. The pandemic has taught social etiquettes to many. Indeed, it is a blessing in disguise.

However, the social distancing is really taking a toll on us because we are away from our reporting team, colleagues and especially our students.

Nevertheless, I’m grateful to Reqelford International School which has given me an opportunity and platform to share my worksheets with the students and keep us connected.

“What we learn with pleasure we never forget”- is the learning from this difficult situation.

Author: Gayathri
Department: French
Designation: Middle and High School Teacher