A Lock Down to Unlock the Senses


Today, when I sat down to pen my thoughts and contemplate about my life before lockdown, I feel my life was fast-paced yet so monotonous. I have never given a pause to my life fearing that my routine might go haywire, but the lockdown has made me realize that there is more to us than just the mundane or routine life that we live. We are living beings created with a higher purpose- purpose to love thy self and in the process love everyone and everything around.

I just realized in these few days of lockdown that how much was amiss in my life. The simple task of breathing itself has changed. Now I breathe better… longer. Being a working mother, I thought it was impossible to sit around and relax for a few minutes but now I know that there is always a possibility to do what you really love and care the most. In today’s fast paced world, are we, who are working non- stop i.e. 24/7, really making best use of our time? The answer is definitely ‘NO’.

“The key is in not spending time but investing in it”- Stephen R. Covey. So, investing time means honing our skills- skills which make us a better human, skills which will help us during the time such as the present lockdown. For example, I caressed the gardening skill during these days which not only helped me to use my time properly but gave plenty in return in the form of kitchen garden. Also, reading and going through the newspaper helped me a lot in not only learning about my immediate surroundings but collecting relevant information and improving my vocabulary.

Though I had my apprehensions initially, all stayed still when I virtually connected with my students over WhatsApp. This difficult time has also taught all of us that it’s not me or you who can bring change; it is `US‘. At home also, it was all of us doing all our work. It was not only my work as a mother to do the kitchen chores but every member helped in it. So, I realized a lot about team work. Likewise, I would like my students and my readers to take a cue from my life and learn to hone your skills. Take up a hobby which relaxes you and which gives you plenty in return i.e. plenty of peace, happiness and satisfaction.

Author: Seena Radhakrishnan
Department: Science
Designation: Middle and High School Teacher