Flooding Fun – outdoors at Reqelford – By VI alpha (Geography session)


It was a most awaited rainy day, 31st August, 2016. In fact, the class prayed for a day as this, to have an outdoor class regarding the ‘flood prevention schemes’. It was flooding fun! “We had many outdoor classes but not as memorable as this one” said Medha.

Students of Grade-6α with their Geography faculty, Ms Jyothsna were on the soaking wet playground which formed many puddles and random streams joining so called tributaries and rivers and of course the simulated seas. ‘So Students, what happens when it floods?’ asked the teacher. Gayathri immediately shows the wet ground beside the stream and says, ‘This place is all wet and everything looks ruined’. ‘But how do we protect this place from being flooded?’ asked the teacher. Rushil says, ‘Mam, why don’t we build a dam a little before this place’. Medha and Sucharitha got together and picked up some of the biggest pebbles they could find around the place and placed it in the middle of the stream and were able to control the flow and they called it a ‘Dam’. ‘Mam, this side is still wet. What do we do?’ said Bhavik. ‘Afforestation is the answer’ screamed Deepa. Vyshnavi and Gayathri plunged into the job of picking some leaves and little plants and started planting them to reduce the flood. Aanavi noticed another area being flooded and said ‘Mam, what do we do here? The flow is very fast.’ And Mam said ‘Darling, all we have to do is to deepen and widen the channel so that more water fits in and stops flooding the area next to it.’ Or ‘We can even build small walls along the channel’ said Saanvi. ‘They are called ‘Embankments’ screamed Deepa. ‘Mam, I think, this pond is getting too full, can we do something about it?’ asked Bhavik. The teacher said, ‘Oh Yes! We can create some ‘overflow channels’ and allow the extra water to be released without causing harm to the people living around the banks’. ‘Wow, that’s a great idea’ said Sucharitha. Rushil noticed an ‘S- shaped’ stream and said, ‘Mam, it’s taking a long way to reach the sea. Can we do something about this?’. Aanavi said, ‘I think I have an idea, all I have to do is to straighten the channel.’ She then grabbed a twig that was lying close by and the three, Saanvi, Rushil and Aanvi got onto the job of giving a short cut to the stream. All with the muddy hands posed for a beautiful photograph!

….And the teacher had very little to teach on ‘Flood prevention Schemes’ and yet her mission was accomplished!

In all this, I must say thanks to the sprawling ‘Reqelford’ campus at our disposal as we can enjoy a lot of outdoor classes- whether it be ‘The journey of Rivers’, ‘Weathering, Erosion and Transportation’, ‘Checking the soil profile’, ‘Coastal Erosion’, ‘Studying the clouds’ and the list goes on and on….

Students speak…

  • Saanvi: This is the best Geography class ever. I enjoyed getting my hands dirty and getting a little wet in the rain.
  • Gayathri: There is no better way to learn Geography other than this way! I just loved it!
  • Sucharitha: I have learnt so many schemes, I didn’t realize it then but it was so much fun.
  • Aanavi: It was fun working with friends in straightening channels and building dams! I will never forget this.

Flooding Fun

Flooding Fun

Flooding Fun

Flooding Fun

Flooding Fun

Flooding Fun

REQUIZ Interschool Competition


Reqelford International School conducted its 3rd Inter-School Competition this year on the 31st July wherein 19 schools including Reqelford participated. The quiz was on Science with questions based on physics, chemistry, biology and environmental science. Each school sent 4 students – two each for junior and senior categories. The competition began with a solemn prayer. The ACO welcomed the august gathering and read out the rules and regulations. The teams proceeded to the computer lab for the qualifying round. Thereafter the announcement of the finalists names was made and all took their seats in the auditorium for the final quiz comprising of 3 rounds- rapid fire round, buzzer round, and grand finale.

In the Junior category, Reqelford International School ranked 1st, Tejaswi Vidhyaranya School 2nd and Indus Universal School 3rd. In the Senior category, St. Joseph’s School took the 1st prize followed by Army Public School 2nd and St. Peter’s Model School in the 3rd place. Certificates, mementos and prizes were given during the Prize Distribution Ceremony. REQUIZ was indeed a very prestigious event at the Reqelford campus.


Workshop on Money Management


An informative workshop was conducted by ‘Right Horizon’ on in July. This workshop mainly focused on areas like building entrepreneurial skills in students and managing money at their level. Mr.Siva prasad was quite interactive and encouraged students to participate actively by poring questions related to the PPT on successful and young entrepreneurs and video show. Children were proactive and answered most of the questions. They were given chocolates as an incentive for their participation. Finally the workshop concluded giving the necessary values to the children as to how to save, spend and share money.


Junior Soccer Match – Grades 4 & 5


‘WOW’ is the expression to describe how the first Football match played at Reqelford International was. The students from grades 4 and 5 gave an excellent account of themselves on the field and battled hard even into the dying moments of the game. What a show it was. Akhil from grade 4 anticipated a loose ball in the opponents box and tapped it into the back of the net to open the scoring for his team. In a twist of events Vardhan from grade 5 equalized when he sent a low shot in between the opponent keeper’s legs to level scores. We had a thriller from there on with both teams fighting hard to win. And finally in the penalty shootouts grade 4 came out victorious beating the boys in Blue 3-2.This match will never be forgotten nor will the students who played in it.

Good job Reqelforders!


Little Sports Stars of Reqelford!


The Reqelford campus was abuzz with activity on September 20 when the sports selections were in full swing! It was a fun day for both the students and the teachers.


The school’s Scouts and Guides, dressed in their smart grey and blue uniforms, were taught how to tie the knots of a scarf. Meanwhile on the field, the kabaddi selections saw the girls and boys battle it out at our national sport. Eventually, teams for junior girls, junior boys, senior girls and senior boys were formed.


The competition was fierce at the soccer selections too. The budding footballers gave the tryouts their all and didn’t allow minor cuts and bruises slow their game down. It was a beautiful display of teamwork! While the junior boys of the four houses – Unicorn, Pegasus, Phoenix and Griffin – battled hard to put up a good show, the seniors packed a punch too! However, the girls stole the show with their exceptional performance!



The fun-filled day finally ended on a high note with everyone going back home with their own set of sports stories to narrate!

ReqelBoard – Reqelforders get aware and get colourful! – Edition VII

Monday, 15 September, 2014

Riot of Colours!: The painting competition that was held on campus on September 15 was a colourful affair, to say the least! Reqelforders from Classes I to IV participated in this creative contest. While the Class I & II students were given the theme, ‘Fun with Friends’, the Class III & IV students were asked to paint anything around the theme —’Fun at Annual Day’.  The students had a blast expressing themselves through colours and were judged on parameters such as neatness, colour combinations, skills, pencil strokes, individuality and understanding of the theme. All the finished artworks were then exhibited along the school corridors, for the students, teachers and parents to have a look at!

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Tuesday, 16 September, 2014

Celebrating Democracy: To mark International Day of Democracy which falls on September 15, Reqelforders organised an assembly to raise awareness about democracy. Four students spoke about its importance and mentioned that in 2007, the United Nations General Assembly resolved to observe this day as an occasion to promote and uphold the principles of democracy. The students even conducted a survey to see how many young people aged between 18 and 25 years had voted in the recent election and they received good feedback. The assembly ended fittingly with the teacher, Ms Jyotsna, speaking about how a leader is elected in a democracy and how the people’s power is exercised.

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Tuesday, 16 September, 2014

Save the Environment!: Reqelforders organised an informative assembly to commemorate the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer, which is observed on September 16. Keeping with the theme, “Ozone Layer Protection: The Mission Goes On”, the teachers gave a pep talk and motivated the students to be more aware about the need to protect the depleting ozone layer.


ReqelBoard – Sporty Fun and a Tribute to Teachers! – Edition 6

Thursday, 28 August, 2014

Celebrating National Sports:  The stage was set for a whole lot of sporty fun at the Reqelford campus on August 28 when the students celebrated India’s national sports in a special assembly. Reqelforders enthusiastically spoke about the national sports of different countries. They not only shared their views on the advantages of certain sports, but also spoke about the ones that are in great demand right now. Through a PowerPoint presentation and a skit, the students doled out fun information about the various sports. Since the assembly was conducted by the Telugu teacher, it was interesting to see the banners displayed in Telugu too. It was a fun and an interactive assembly session.

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Tuesday, 2 September, 2014

Cricket Crazy!: Reqelford has been struck by cricket fever and how! At our campus, budding sportsmen get trained in the game of cricket by one of the best coaches in Hyderabad. The young cricketers are not only prepped to participate in various cricketing competitions across Hyderabad, but they also have a ball of a time in the process! Cricket coaching at Reqelford is an exciting platform for students to showcase and hone their sporting skills!

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Friday, 5 September, 2014

A Double Celebration!:  It was time for a dual celebration on the Reqelford campus as we celebrated Teacher’s Day and the birthday of our beloved principal, Dr Sravanthi! The student body took complete charge of the day’s proceedings and put up a spectacular show for their teachers. The highlight of the day was when the students projected baby photos of their teachers and the audience had to guess which teacher each of the pictures belongs to! The excitement levels of the students were palpable as all the ones who guessed right were rewarded with a slab of chocolate! Another interesting event was the ‘Balloon Juggling’ game which required good hand-eye coordination and balancing skills. A pre-primary teacher rightfully earned the first prize. When Dr Sravanthi walked in, the students greeted her with showers of confetti and sang the Happy Birthday Song in unison.  The student group even put up a dance performance to entertain her. All in all, it was an enjoyable show! Sravanthi ma’am then went on stage to give an inspiring speech that motivated all the students, marking the end of the first half of the programme. The rest of the Teacher’s Day was spent having a good time as everyone indulged in a whole lot of fun and games.

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ReqelBoard – Independence Day Special! – Edition 5


Monday, 11 August, 2014

Quit India Movement Assembly: Students of the Phoenix house presented an assembly on India’s Quit India Movement as part of Reqelford’s National Month celebrations. Under the guidance of Ms Riyaz, House mistress of Phoenix, the assembly aimed to make the students aware of the famous nationalist movement, its causes and effects and the famous slogans raised by important leaders during the movement. The students were even made to watch a thought-provoking documentary on the Quit India Movement. With the performers raising their voices in unison to chant slogans like ‘Jai Hind’, the patriotic fervour ran high on campus.

Thursday, 14 August, 2014

Dress like a patriot!: Little freedom fighters descended on the Reqelford campus when the pre-primary students participated in a fancy dress competition on the eve of Independence Day. The young Reqelforders dressed up as leaders of the Indian National Movement and educated the audience about the significant role each one of them played in our nation’s fight for freedom.

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Friday, 15 August, 2014

Independence Day celebrations!: The hearts of Reqelforders swelled up with pride on India’s 68th Independence Day when the campus atmosphere was painted in tri-colours. An assortment of inspiring patriotic wallpapers were on display and each house took up the task of making vibrant bulletin board displays, all of which had one theme — the Indian National Movement. Adding to the celebrations was our special guest, Mr Stanley Babu (advisor to the Hyderabad Metro Railway Project). The students performed a beautiful ballet illustrating India’s freedom struggle and aroused the spirit of patriotism on campus by playing the parts of great national leaders. There was also a special group song performance that paid tribute to the martyrs of the Indian national movement. Raising the message of a corruption-free, clean and confident India, the day’s events highlighted the importance of respecting the pledge we take towards the nation and the need to take India forward with our individual actions.

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ReqelBoard – Field trips and fun competitions! – Edition 4

blog FI-02

Friday, 8 August, 2014

Post Office Diaries: Students of Grades I to IV of Reqelford were treated to a visit to the post office in Hyderabad! The young Reqelforders were given a first-hand experience of how a post office works and were taught everything from how to post a letter and how it reaches the post office to what happens to the letters once they are posted. In an era where email and online methods of communication takes precedence, these students were explained the significance of this age-old practice of posting letters to people. The students not only toured the post office, but they also got a chance to interact with the post officer and ask him questions about the process. They learnt about the different kind of stamps used for different kinds of letters, how letters are posted internationally and how long it takes for a letter to reach the destination. Students thoroughly enjoyed this practical visit that brought their textbook lesson to life!

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Saturday, 9 August, 2014

Music Masti: Reqelforders indulged in a battle of vocal chords at a group singing competition that was held on campus. The competition was fierce between the four houses — Pegasus, Phoenix, Unicorn and Griffin — who took the names of four famous playback singers of India: Lata Mangeshkar, Shaan, AR Rahman and Md. Rafi. While the young vocalists belted out some beautiful melodies, the musicians on the keyboard, guitar and the band gave their best performances. The environment was charged with patriotism as the campus celebrates National Month. The judges of the day, Ms Hazel and Mr Gregory, declared Phoenix House as the winner of the competition! The second place and third place went to Pegasus House and Unicorn House respectively.

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Saturday, 9 August, 2014

Patriotic posters: It was time for Reqelforders to show off their artistic skills when a poster-making competition was held on campus. The theme was ‘patriotism’, keeping in tune with the National Month celebrations on campus. The students let their creative juices flow as they painted their best patriotic ideas on paper! Using brushes and colours as a medium, they expressed their love for their country beautifully on posters! Kudos to the young artists of Reqelford.

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ReqelBoard – National Pride! – Edition 3

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Friday, August 1,  2014

My Country, My Pride: The Reqelford assembly is an everyday activity that the entire campus looks forward to as each one showcases a special aspect of the school’s theme of the month. Divided both class-wise and house-wise, the everyday assembly begins the day on a positive note. The students of Grade II A kickstarted the National Month celebrations of August with their assembly. The little ones took to the mic with confidence as they threw light on the features of our National flag and the role Pengali Venkayya played in the creation of the Indian flag. They spoke about what each colour in the tri-colour stands for and even made an impressive national flag formation using mathematical shapes. Raising slogans of ‘My country, my pride!’, the students put up a great introduction to the National Month, which aims to increase awareness about Indian history and politics.

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Friday-Saturday, August 1 & 2,  2014

Rocking on!: Nothing brings out the best in our students than some healthy, friendly and fun competition! This time, the action was at the Indus Universal School campus. The Industav, an inter-school competition that kickstarted the month of August with a bang, saw the participation of around 1,500 students from different schools across the city! From art, music and dance to face-painting, bouquet-making and other interesting competitions, there were plenty of exciting categories to compete in. In the music category, Reqelford’s band bagged the third prize. The talented ReqelBand, which has performed on various occasions in the school, wowed the audiences by putting up a stellar show on the drums, guitar, piano and vocals. Our students proudly represented Reqelford in the event. Summing things up in the words of our Head Boy, “The competitions were great!”

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Monday, August 4,  2014

A prayer for peace: Reqelford’s Unicorn House put up a school assembly that educated everyone on the horrors of war. Students of Grade V and upwards shared information on the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), one of the six principal organs of the United Nations that is charged with the maintenance of international peace and security. The students spoke about how the UNSC’s powers include the establishment of peacekeeping operations, the establishment of international sanctions, and the authorization of military action through Security Council resolutions. The students even read out inspiring quotes on peace uttered by prominent personalities from around the world like ‘Peace will come about only when the power of love overcomes the love of power’. Apart from singing a song about peace, the students even put up a skit that highlighted the harmful effects of war, making the assembly an educative one.

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