Adaptive Learning

“EXPERIENCE IS THE BEST TEACHER” as the famous quote says sharing knowledge to others
by Teaching is itself a wonderful experience and doing the same by virtual teaching is really
an amazing experience ever had.

Learning is a never-ending process whether the circumstances support or not and also there
should be nothing hindering the process of learning by a student which perfectly fits into the
present scenario. It’s the time of our Second Mother Nature who is showing her anger as
silence – we her children cannot sit aimless but should strive to optimize the utility of the
resources available, nothing but the adaptive learning done by virtual teaching and learning.

Virtual Teaching and providing virtual learning resources to students helped me to connect
my students during this crisis. I have been always enthusiastically googling many websites and
referring to various books to provide as much information as I can provide my students which
to some extent may fulfil the dearth of my absence. Every time I draft my notes I would pause
and think of my student “what if this sentence may create a doubt? “, thereby as doubt of
benefit I would go with another supporting informative sentence or an equation. It would be
an imaginary class of my students and me, with full of discussions, queries and clarifications
which ultimately reflected as the summary of notes being drafted continuously in the realistic
word document. Virtual learning resources are always flexible. I could cover as many
illustrations as i can in my notes and also more questions in my worksheet. Every time I find
their solved soft copy of worksheet in my inbox, i would curiously check to see the extent of
understanding been developed towards the concept. I started exploring many technical
aspects which can make my content more and more beneficial, easily accessible and
approachable. It gave me immense pleasure and happiness when I could correct the
answered worksheets using different tools of software and share my feedback with them.
Therefore, it has been a wonderful self-learning process by me too.

Finally as a teacher, I have been interacting with my students on a regular basis as how it
happens during our regular working days of school in the form of notes, worksheets, handouts
etc.,and thus tremendous teaching- learning going on effectively. It has been always a great
bonding with my students, ever ready to support them and enrich them with bountiful of
knowledge for their SUCCESS.

Author: Anitha S
Department: Science
Designation: Chemistry Faculty

Are Pandemics New to Us or the World?

Hello one and all! From February till date, we have been drowned in lots and lots of information on Novel Corona Virus (COVID – 19). We are all worried about its spread and the strength of its grip on all the countries of the world, literally turning everyone’s life and economy on their ears. But, is such a situation new to us or the world??
The answer to this is NO!

Then what’s Different? Well! The way we deal with the Pandemic, our response to it and the consequent situations.

So let’s look at some of the Predecessors of COVID – 19 that became a part of the world History.
According to several sources like the latest article on by Connor Boyd, NCBI, U.S. and an article which appeared in 2016 in , The most noted pandemics or epidemics as we call them began in 165 AD known as Antoine Plague which killed about 5 Million people followed by 541 AD in the Roman Empire known as the “JUSTINIAN PLAGUE “ which claimed the lives of around 25 Million people across the Empire and “Japanese Small pox”which spread in 735 AD taking with it the lives of about 1 Million. After this, We have one of the most famous of all “THE BLACK DEATH”, from mid-13th Century, which was rumoured to have killed about 1/3rd (200 Million) of the then population. And so on it goes.

All throughout, History of these epidemics there have been times when humans thought it would never end but End they did.

People tried everything from prayers, Non-bathing (Yes! It was believed to ward off Evil spirits spreading
the disease), eating and drinking disgusting things and even Quarantine and Lock downs.

These Pandemics also helped Europeans Conquer New worlds as they passed these on to the ingenuous settlers who had no immunity or knowledge of such diseases.

In the image given below, Let us take a look at the comparison of our newest guest “THE NOVEL CORONA VIRUS / COVID -19”. After looking at the image, we can be sure with the technological social and medical advancements we can fight this Virus and emerge Victorious.

For the More Curious Cats out there, we have original links which can appease your curiosity.


That highlighted circle is where we are right now – yet a small speck! let’s keep it that way.

Bibliography: The information for the above article has been sourced from the links given below.

Author: Radhika

Reqelforders get Creative!


Visual Arts at Reqelford enables students to discover their talents and build on their creative abilities. Watch young Reqelforders become budding artists as they come up with ideas of how they can use recyclable material to create useful products. They use eco-friendly material to make bags, handicraft artifacts, masks, 3D models, etc. During their Visual Arts class, Reqelforders build on a number of interpersonal skills. Students of grade 8 have recently worked on building 3D forms, which integrates math with art. These sessions, enhance skills like planning, drawing, construction, and teamwork, letting students open up their mind and give way to fresh thoughts and ideas.



Using colored paper to make fans, paper chains, and paper bags




Grade 8 makes 3D mathematical models to understand combinations, theories, and building concepts