House System at Reqelford International School


‘If mutually hostile subcultures are to be eliminated the school must provide greater opportunities for members of different ages to interact’ –Education Research.


The House system at Reqelford is of great importance to school life. Its function is to encourage healthy competition within the school and to give all students the opportunity to participate in representative sport, music and other activities with the aim of raising self esteem, developing self-confidence and giving opportunities for leadership and teamwork beyond those already available within school.

The motivation for the move :

  • The need to include pupils (a sense of belonging) immediately on joining Reqelford School and build on the sense of community which starts in the family as well as the need for positive role models.
  • The importance of providing more opportunities for our students to take responsibility and develop leadership skills.
  • The opportunity for student leadership within the House system.


Inter-House competitions held at the school campus encourage students to involve in activities that they enjoy, enabling them to show off their talents, skills and commitment to their house. The activities and events are conducted in a true competitive spirit wherein the houses compete at their best to take their house flag higher and higher. The school conducts a wide range of competitions that are mentioned below

Competitions Conducted Till September 2014

June : July :
1. Calligraphy 1.Poetry Recitation
2.Parade, March past
August : September :
1.Poster Making
2.Group Singing
3.Fancy Dress
4.Essay Writing
1.Book Character Parade

Event Type Grade
Speed Race Group Pre-Primary
Athletics Individual Pre-Primary
Filling The Bucket Individual Pre-Primary
Balancing The Ring Group Pre-Primary
Lemon & Spoon House-wise Primary
Rolling The Ball House-wise Primary
Athletics Individual Primary

Filling the Bucket Balancing the Ring


Poster Making Group Singing



1. Poster Making Competition On Peace
2. Drawing Competition
3. Dance Competition
4. Singing Competition
5. Musical Instruments Competition
6. Basketball Competition
7. Swimming Competition
8. Lawn Tennis Competition
9. Throw Ball Competition
10. Soccer Competition
11. Kabaddi Competition
12. Kho-Kho Competition

With several events coming up, this term brings up new challenges for the four houses. We encourage them to compete well for the trophy of The Best Sports House of the Year. Reqelforders get ready for the upcoming competitions.

Good Luck!

An eventful year for Reqelford!

academic blog FI-01

Here’s a roundup of all the exciting news and nuggets happening on the Reqelford campus from the desk of the Academic Coordinator, Rajitha Balasubramanyam.

rajitha academic coord.

 Academic Year 2014-15 began with a bang for Reqelford Internation School! We  received our CBSE Affiliation Code, which means we are now a Certified CBSE  Secondary school. This achievement comes as a testimony to all the hard work that the  faculty and students have put into setting such high standards for the school and  making this distinction possible!

The first quarter of the year has been a super busy one with a host of interesting  academic and non-academic activities lined up. We recently witnessed the school Investiture Ceremony for the newly-elected Student Cabinet, followed by a Parent Orientation Programme for the parents of the primary and secondary grade students. Earlier, we organised a Parent Orientation for the ‘Reqelbees’ (Kindergartners of Reqelford) too. Requiz, the recently-held inter-school quiz competition, which saw the participation of 14 teams, was a huge success! DAV School bagged the first prize followed by Reqelford in the Junior Category; In the Senior category it was Indus Universal School and St. Michael’s School that won the top two laurels respectively, with Reqelford finishing third.

Numerous other competitions like ‘Show and Tell’, Recitation, Calligraphy were also organised, much to the delight of the excited students who got to put on their best foot forward for each of the events. The fun was taken outside the campus too, with several field trips organised for Reqelforders. From a visit to the industry and the post office to a trip to a gymnasium, there was enough off-the-campus campers to keep the students on their toes! Meanwhile on campus, visits from experts from different walks of life — pottery, health, environment, sports, dentistry and more — added a dynamic element to the students’ school lives!

That’s not all! We have a whole lot of events planned for the rest of the year too. With each month focusing on a certain theme and topic, we will keep organising activities that will enhance the students’ understanding of the world. Last month, we had celebrated Fitness Month and this August’s National Month celebrations are still on in full swing, stirring the patriotic emotion among our students.
Watch this space for more exciting news and views!