During the Pandemic

I, Rowan Wahab, IX B would like to share my daily routine during this pandemic. When the Lockdown was announced, I finally understood the severity of Covid-19 and kept myself busy at Home without venturing out. I deeply appreciate the Prime Minister of India, CM of Telangana, Health department, Police Department and all other respected bodies who are trying their level best to keep us safe and strong during this pandemic.

I also appreciate our Principal, Dr. Vidya Sravanthi Mam and her team for their dedication towards us. Special thanks to Nivedita Vasudeva Mam for her extreme efforts, posting the daily work to each class through the Whatsapp groups. I am glad to be a Reqelfordian and will always follow the footsteps of my school’s principles.

Coming to my daily activities, I would like to express the most important things I’m doing during this Pandemic.

Learning: I am making sure I complete my daily work sent by School through the Whatsapp. I’ve completed all the assignments given to me and I am spending time learning new things in my various subjects. My principal and her team have left no stone unturned to ensure we have constructive work to do and I appreciate them for their extra efforts to make us read, learn, write and to keep us busy with the subjects. The planning of the syllabus and assignments provided were exceptional. I understood the efforts put behind to make me/us read and learn the subjects during this pandemic. Other than school work, I am trying to learn more about computers with the help of my Dad.


Cleanliness: During this pandemic, apart from learning, I am trying to help my parents in cleaning, dusting, cooking and various other household chores. As the maid is Off, I am trying to help my mother as much as I can. To prevent from the Covid-19, one of the factors is to keep ourselves and our home clean. I understand this crucial aspect now and I am trying to help my mother and father by supporting them to keep the house clean. I am also making sure that I wash my hands every 30 to 50 minutes using the sanitizers/soap as instructed.



Playing Indoor Games: I am having a great fun time playing indoor games like Caroms, Chess, Ludo and the like with my family besides watching few scientific movies on TV to keep myself occupied once the assignments are done during the day.


I wish we could overcome this pandemic soon! Also I am greatly looking forward to attend school as soon as possible. My request to each Reqelfordian – Stay home and stay safe until this pandemic is gone! God Bless Us!