How to Enhance Your Communication Skills

Our former Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru once said, “The Destiny of a nation is shaped in her classrooms.”
The four skills in communication, i.e. Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing are very important to Shape a student’s future and provide the perfect platform for a child to explore, discover, learn and grow.

Listening: Listening is the bigger part of communication. Good listening is built on three basic skills: Attitude, Attention and Adjustment.
Listening helps students to open up, avoid misunderstandings, resolve conflicts and build trust.

Speaking: Mastering oral language skills is rewarding for students, since a good command over language helps them express their feelings, thoughts and ideas

Reading: Reading is an essential element at every stage of one’s life, particularly in schools. It is a means of discovering information to expand one’s knowledge, while understanding the subject. Students are advised to indulge in at least half an hour of reading a day to keep abreast of the various styles of writing and new vocabulary. Parents should stress on the importance of reading to children in their early years to enhance their language, thinking, writing, and communication skills; thus, helping them to concentrate and develop positive values.

Writing: Students should develop a passion for creative writing. One should learn as much by writing as by reading. Constant writing improves the quality of writing. Bacon has quoted rightly.”Reading makes a full man, and writing makes an exact man.”

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