How I have spent my time at home during quarantine


As an environmental management student, I really appreciate the decision taken by both the Central and State Government of India to arbitrate a lockdown to reduce the extensive spreading of the COVID-19. Although it causes super abundant boredom to be locked down at houses, has a drastic fall in economic activity, putting millions of migrant workers and people working in unorganized sectors jobless, There is no other alternative than “Strict Lockdown” and “Social Distancing” to contain the rapid spread of the Virus.

The Following Is About How I Have Spent My Time At home During Quarantine

Gardening: Every Vacation I get, I always try to inculcate new hobbies to spend time productively. This time, I decided to take up gardening. Watching the roads empty due to the lockdown enforced by the National government, I was surprised to perceive that it could have a positive impact on the environment too. So, to proliferate the reduction of existing greenhouse gases, I thought gardening would be great!

Coding: For a long time now, I was interested in learning new programming languages. So, for this vacation I had signed up for a 60 hours web development course online to improve my programming skills.

Reading: After a busy period of rigorous studying for my board examinations, I feel great pleasure in finally being able to make time for reading fiction.

Instruments: From a very young age I always found the instruments-keyboard and guitar fascinating. During this vacation I spend a lot of time practicing to get better at both of them.

Exercising: Every Morning, I spend an hour or two Working out by doing Cycling within the apartment premises, skipping, and simple body workouts at home to keep myself fit.
These are the hobbies I took up and decided to spend my vacation with.

Entertainment: Considering the present state of being locked down at houses, Spending a certain period of time on Netflix and Amazon prime watching shows and quality movies would do no bad. Along with many other comedy shows, I started a series called “Lost in space” which shows and explains the fundamentals of outer space that makes it interesting.

Author: Siddarth Amarnath
Class 11 IGCSE