I was sad about the lock down because…


I am in grade 6 going to grade 7. I was sad about the lock down because I was starting a new grade. When the lock down took place, I had to study from home. The teachers uploaded worksheets which I was able to download from the Google Drive link that my mother got on her email. Since I got a tablet before the school shut down, I was able to work from that too. We don’t have a printer at home so the tablet came in handy. I did not buy my textbooks or notebooks before the lockdown but the worksheets that my teachers had uploaded had the necessary notes for me to copy down into my notebooks that I had from the previous year.

I read the notes, made sure I understood them and did the worksheets on my own. I took a little help from my parents. I study three worksheets every day and try and finish my work by lunch time. After some time it became harder because the worksheets got longer so I had to work up till 3:30. I can’t do three worksheets anymore, I just do one, sometimes two a day. I then study the notes and my mother asks me to make sure I remember them. I revise the same thing after dinner.

I enjoy studying from home because I don’t have to wake up early for school. But I am also sad because I was going to take swimming as a sport. It is lonely to do the work at home because my friends are not there around to study with me.

I am happy that I don’t have to do extra homework during the day. I am enjoying spending this extra time with my parents helping in house work as well!

Author: Tiffany
Grade 7 IGCSE