Learning Virtually – A Paradigm Shift in Education

“The essence of learning is constant movement without a fixed point. If its point becomes your prejudice, your opinions and conclusions, then you cease to learn.”- J. Krishnamurthi- this very aptly applies to the present condition of the education systems around the world. With the schools around the globe declaring a break to curtail the spread of Novel Coronavirus pandemic, education and learning seems to have taken a back seat in everyone’s life. The uncertainty that looms over the situation could not only dampen the spirits of the educators but also thwart the learning curves of a large number of students.

Signalling a requirement of a paradigm shift in the prevailing system, Reqelford International School encouraged its teachers to immediately move to digital learning platforms to ease the war-footing situation. Extensive plans were brainstormed based on the predictions of the forthcoming weeks. Grade-wise and subject-wise time-tables were sorted out. As a result, teachers were asked to map students to Google Drive and WhatsApp platforms using their email IDs and contact numbers. To maintain the continuity of learning, contents like worksheets, PPTs, videos were created and made accessible to the students on a day-to-day basis.

Simultaneously, new avenues of teaching-learning process were explored and the search eventually zeroed onto virtual learning applications. Testing of the content already uploaded on Tataedge software was done and feedbacks were provided. Henceforth, training was given to the high school teachers on Tataedge software and Zoom application which equipped them to successfully conduct virtual classes. To pace up with the year plans, master notes of the chapters are being written by the teachers and would be made available in the coming times. In addition to the above, holiday assignments are under process that would ensure that the students are engaged productively and learn actively throughout the summer break season.

While all this is being done, teachers on the other hand are constantly in touch with their students clarifying their doubts in the assigned work and providing constructive feedbacks. Forsaking the initial apprehensions, the teaching faculty of the school is now seamlessly coordinating with each other, upskilling themselves on newer technology, browsing through numerous websites to create innovative reference materials each day and consequently ensuring that they take this as an opportunity to contribute to the vision of the school at large and also to their personal/professional growth.

Dwindling hope, flickering flame is getting strengthened again as the teaching fraternity in collaboration with the school envisions to make the learning more purposeful.

Author: Mrs. Meera
Department: English
Designation: High School Teacher- IGCSE and CBSE