Lock down! Lock down! Lock down!

Lock down! Lock down! Lock down! I get to hear from everyone. I can’t play with my friends. I can’t go shopping with my parents. I can’t see my grandparents. When holidays were declared due to lock down I was so happy thinking that my summer vacation has begun so soon with not much of studies for the new grade. Added to my happiness the lock down has even brought my brother home from hostel. First day of my lock down was spent happily coloring, doing some art work and a little of time spent towards academics. Second day, it was not that exciting because I have to either do the same art work or coloring and mandate my homework. Among all these I found the most interesting occupation for me was disturbing my brother, but for that I would get back from my mother as my brother had to prepare for his entrances. Day of Enlightenment! I started planning my schedule for the days of quarantine (Hmm…. I started learning new terms of this lock down) with my mom’s help.

Quarantine and Lock down turned out to be a blessing for me to upgrade my knowledge, learn new things and master the ones I already knew. My mother suggested that every day I learn a new thing which I haven’t attempted any time like cutting vegetables, handling myself with great care when working with a sharp knife as directed by my mom, settling my wardrobe, also working on my health to improve immunity drinking honey,lime in luke warm water early in the morning, doing exercise as per my brother’s instructions. All these happened to be my new learning but my hobbies which tend to continue on a regular basis are my love for classical dance ,watching Doraemon and doing lot of coloring activities. This happens to be the pass time after my most important activity I i.e., academics.

Lock down has given a new way of learning because from the time I started going to school I only knew holiday homework for term I vacation and summer holiday homework. I never knew that learning can happen even from home without going to school. I saw my brother attending some video classes and was in a thought process that I too can get into such learning only once I grow up to be his age, but when it was my turn I felt so happy to be into it myself. I always had wonderful experiences at Reqelford International School from the day one and this was one among them. The school has decided a schedule of three to four subject worksheets every day from day one of lock down. The worksheets are posted in the group on a daily basis and my work for the day really awaits me even before I wake up. For a girl of my age it was very much surprising that your work is planned well in advance by the school and I learnt to be more organized everyday in completing my work. The most interesting aspect is along with the home work I also received Times NIE from school in the group which helped me improve my reading skills and I also gained lot of knowledge. Apart from everyone as I have always been learning to approach everything positively, I looked at the Lock down also positively.

Lock down Lock down
You have shown me a new dawn
Days of quarantine
Have changed my routine
Lock down Lock down
Inspired me to pen down.

Author: U. Sri Vaishnavi