Lock Down…

The quarantine period has proved a big challenge for everyone in the last month. The different changes and new rules that we have to follow has made every day seem pretty difficult. We sometimes practice our hobbies and watch movies or even go through social media, but most of us have seen drastic changes in our lives as well as to our Earth and I am surprised as to how the Corona virus has also brought in small positive impacts too, for instance bringing down the pollution levels which were contributing to the Global warming and also the lack of human movement that has brought our animals that we didn’t know lived near us or thought to have become extinct out in the open and moving about freely on our city roads.

Being cooped up at home and only accessing social media, I have noticed not just varieties of animals but also people. So, to make things more interesting I have come up with some interesting names for the types of people in a lock down. They are 《the food hunter, the workaholic, the artist, the sleeper, the work dodger, the mobile addict and the binge watcher. I have also realized that we get bored very easily and we try to satisfy that with food or social media. There are so many ways actually to get over boredom and those are to spend quality time with your family or maybe try new hobbies or try to catch up with your work particularly your school work from time to time.

The most important thing we have to do is to stay safe and keep our body healthy and clean. Follow the rules: for example – wash your hands for 2 to 3 minutes and try covering yourself while coughing or sneezing but the most important thing is to not panic and to not believe everything that is on social media or other sites.

Author: Kamalini
Student, Grade 9 Alpha

Finding Hope and Courage


How do you read the above words?

A long time ago, a father and his son were traveling in the desert. They needed water and food for their travel so they prepared many things. However, while they were traveling in the desert, they got lost. Mhayamo-1

While lost and struggling in the desert, the son said to his father, “Father, now what are we supposed to do? We are going to die! Father, how did we get lost? You said that you’ve come this way many times, why did you lose the way? “The boy said this, he was worried and complained.
The father answered, “Son, let’s just walk a little more. We will soon reach the edge of the desert.”
”Father, what’s the use of going on? We are going to die soon. Father, we’re never going to see mother again! We’ll never go back home! We’re going to die here!”

Although the father was walking in the desert, comforting his son, the son continued to complain and blame his father.

“Father, why did you bring me here when you don’t know the way? Now we are going to die. Father I am thirsty, and my legs hurt. I can’t walk anymore. We’re not going to make it to the edge of the desert.”
The father said to the son, “Son, I’ve walked through this desert many times. Yes, I did lose the way this time, but we will soon reach the edge because the desert is not big. We’ve almost reached the edge of the desert. All we have to do is walk a little further.”

“Father, you’ve been saying that for two days now! We’ve been walking for days and we haven’t reached the edge of the desert. We’re going to die! I can’t walk anymore!” The son was sad, and in despair, blaming his father.

“You’re right. It was my mistake. However, we will not die. We will soon come to a village, “said the father and urged his son, who was sitting down, to walk. They began walking again. At a certain place, however, the son suddenly stopped.

“Father, now we’re surely going to die. Look over there!”
When the father looked to where the son was pointing, there was a tomb in front of it.
“Look, father that man must have been walking through this desert lost his way and died here. Look at the tomb. We are surely going to die like him.”
The father said,” Son, now we’re going to make it! We’ve made it!”
“What do you mean? He, too, must have lost his way and died.”

“No, we’ve made it! The tomb here does mean that someone died, but it also means that somebody buried him. It means that this place must be close to a village. If we go just a little further, we will come to a village. Now we’ve made it! Be strong! Let’s go!”

When the son quietly thought about it, it was true. Therefore, he got up and began to walk. When they had gone a little further, just as the father said, a house appeared. Then he and his father were able to drink water, eat food and survive.

The tomb seen through the eyes of the son was despair, and there was no hope. Although they were looking at the same tomb, hope arose in the heart of the father.

The important thing was that the son’s heart was in despair and fear, but the hope in the father’s heart was delivered to the son’s heart through his words. Hope then arose in the son’s heart as he listened to his father’s words. Both the father and the son gained the strength to walk, and they were eventually able to cross the desert and survive.

Why people are in despair because of the COVID-19?

Because no one knows when they will find the cure. If you have no solution, then you fall into despair. People who live without hope and wisdom…how do they read “HAPPINESSNOWHERE”?

In 1919, there was a big typhoon in Japan which caused a huge loss to the apple growers. 90% of the apples fell down and the farmers fell into despair but there was only one person who didn’t see the fallen apples on the ground but the apples that were left on the tree.
He sold the apples at a very high price and named the apples- “Success apple” ”Apple that survived the typhoon”, it was a huge profit for the farmer.

During this COVID-19, do not play the Blame game. This will not change the situation.
What do you choose? Despair or hope?

Redwood is one of the oldest and tallest tree in the world. However their roots are very shallow but their roots reach in all directions, intertwining with other redwoods. Locked together in this way, they hold and support each other in wind and storms. Mhayamo-3

To overcome current situation, I suggest two things that need to be done/followed-

  1. Never accept negative thoughts into your mind because it will paralyze your thinking capacity.
  2. Connect your hearts.

What was the most important thing for the son to come out from the desert and despair?
Hope from father. Through conversation, the hope from his father’s heart flowed to the son’s heart.
When you connect your heart with people around you, you can gain so many things. Everyone, let us find out ‘one thing’ to be thankful every day and fight this current situation with hope and courage together.


Author: Mhayamo Kithan

Adaptive Learning

“EXPERIENCE IS THE BEST TEACHER” as the famous quote says sharing knowledge to others
by Teaching is itself a wonderful experience and doing the same by virtual teaching is really
an amazing experience ever had.

Learning is a never-ending process whether the circumstances support or not and also there
should be nothing hindering the process of learning by a student which perfectly fits into the
present scenario. It’s the time of our Second Mother Nature who is showing her anger as
silence – we her children cannot sit aimless but should strive to optimize the utility of the
resources available, nothing but the adaptive learning done by virtual teaching and learning.

Virtual Teaching and providing virtual learning resources to students helped me to connect
my students during this crisis. I have been always enthusiastically googling many websites and
referring to various books to provide as much information as I can provide my students which
to some extent may fulfil the dearth of my absence. Every time I draft my notes I would pause
and think of my student “what if this sentence may create a doubt? “, thereby as doubt of
benefit I would go with another supporting informative sentence or an equation. It would be
an imaginary class of my students and me, with full of discussions, queries and clarifications
which ultimately reflected as the summary of notes being drafted continuously in the realistic
word document. Virtual learning resources are always flexible. I could cover as many
illustrations as i can in my notes and also more questions in my worksheet. Every time I find
their solved soft copy of worksheet in my inbox, i would curiously check to see the extent of
understanding been developed towards the concept. I started exploring many technical
aspects which can make my content more and more beneficial, easily accessible and
approachable. It gave me immense pleasure and happiness when I could correct the
answered worksheets using different tools of software and share my feedback with them.
Therefore, it has been a wonderful self-learning process by me too.

Finally as a teacher, I have been interacting with my students on a regular basis as how it
happens during our regular working days of school in the form of notes, worksheets, handouts
etc.,and thus tremendous teaching- learning going on effectively. It has been always a great
bonding with my students, ever ready to support them and enrich them with bountiful of
knowledge for their SUCCESS.

Author: Anitha S
Department: Science
Designation: Chemistry Faculty

If you won’t, I WILL


Leonardo DiCaprio once said “Our planet’s alarm is going off, it is time to wake up and take action!!” referring to the enormous damage we as humans are causing to the environment and how it is our responsibility to protect it from ourselves. Not just him, so did many other naturalists, environmentalists, activists way before him, who were trying their best to shout out to the world the importance of conservation – how we should stop cutting trees, stop using plastic, cut down on pollution so on and so forth.

A very small portion of people took the responsibility on themselves to play their small part in conservation of nature. But the majority of people, including me, went about like it is no one’s business. “What can I do? I need to earn a living for my family, I need to use the car, I have to travel long distance, there is no connecting public transport, Public transport eats into my time,” the excuses we tell ourselves are never ending. When many of the politicians and business tycoons are busy minting millions and increasing their bank balances, the general public feel helpless and go about living their lives to support their family. Sooner or later, this was bound to happen.

Evo Morales said “Sooner or later, we will have to recognize that the Earth has rights, too, to live without pollution. What mankind must know is that human beings cannot live without Mother Earth, but the planet can live without humans.”

E.O. Wilson says “If all mankind were to disappear, the world would regenerate back to the rich state of equilibrium that existed ten thousand years ago. If insects were to vanish, the environment would collapse into chaos.”

We didn’t have to disappear from the world but just disappear from the roads, and the earth has started to heal already. People in Jalandhar, were able to see snow topped Himalayan mountains after many decades, the ozone hole is started to close, the air is getting cleaner, the water is getting clearer, many wild animals, which the present generation never knew existed is coming out into the open in many parts of the world and many more such instances.

All this with a few days of lock down, not to mention the valuable time which we get to spend with our family, cooking our own food for days together, instead of going out to eateries, ordering on Swiggy, Zomato or Uber eats – playing group games, learning to interact with the same faces for days together is the new norm now!

Yes, the economy of the country is collapsing, many Industries of non-essential commodities are on hold, Daily labor finding it difficult to support their family, the cons of a lock down can outnumber the advantages, but it sure cannot outweigh the negative effect we have on our environment.

If we don’t take responsibility for our planet, remember there is a GREATER POWER which can bring everything to halt, as and when the need be. It is him telling us right at this moment, “If you won’t, I WILL”

Author: Nishant Edward George
Subject: Biology
Designation: Head of Department of Science

Teachers and students enter a new world of virtual lectures and worksheets, all thanks to the lock down


As most of the schools across the country closed a month earlier than the annual summer vacations to adhere to the announcement made by the government to avoid the spread of the novel corona virus pandemic, Teachers at Reqelford are leaving no stone unturned and striving forward to ensure that our students are getting every little bit of information required regarding topics/topic related matter through various e-learning apps / social media platforms and video sessions to make up for the loss besides helping students with matter on how to cope with the stress of being at home.

I as a teacher of Reqelford am committed to getting in touch with our parents/students and making sure to listen to their concerns and answer their queries, thereby, helping my students in guiding them through these hard times by:

  • Emphasizing that students can do a lot to keep themselves and others safe. For example, introduce the concept of social distancing, and focus on good health behaviours, such as covering coughs and sneezes with the elbow and washing hands.
  • Encouraging our students to confront and prevent stigma – Discuss the reactions they may experience around discrimination, and explain that these are normal reactions during emergencies. Hence, encourage them to express and communicate their feelings, but also explain that fear and stigma make a difficult situation worse.
  • Incorporating relevant health education into other subjects i.e. Science can cover the study of viruses, disease transmission and the importance of vaccinations. Social studies can focus on the history of pandemics and the evolution of policies on public health and safety.
  • Encouraging our students make their own Public Service Announcements through our school webpage.

“Most importantly stay safe, stay healthy and enjoy every moment this lock down has provided us to spend quality time with the family”

Author: Ricardo Shane Leblond
Department: Admin/Teaching
Designation: Residential Dean

Are Pandemics New to Us or the World?

Hello one and all! From February till date, we have been drowned in lots and lots of information on Novel Corona Virus (COVID – 19). We are all worried about its spread and the strength of its grip on all the countries of the world, literally turning everyone’s life and economy on their ears. But, is such a situation new to us or the world??
The answer to this is NO!

Then what’s Different? Well! The way we deal with the Pandemic, our response to it and the consequent situations.

So let’s look at some of the Predecessors of COVID – 19 that became a part of the world History.
According to several sources like the latest article on Dailymail.co.uk by Connor Boyd, NCBI, U.S. and an article which appeared in 2016 in www.fastcompany.com , The most noted pandemics or epidemics as we call them began in 165 AD known as Antoine Plague which killed about 5 Million people followed by 541 AD in the Roman Empire known as the “JUSTINIAN PLAGUE “ which claimed the lives of around 25 Million people across the Empire and “Japanese Small pox”which spread in 735 AD taking with it the lives of about 1 Million. After this, We have one of the most famous of all “THE BLACK DEATH”, from mid-13th Century, which was rumoured to have killed about 1/3rd (200 Million) of the then population. And so on it goes.

All throughout, History of these epidemics there have been times when humans thought it would never end but End they did.

People tried everything from prayers, Non-bathing (Yes! It was believed to ward off Evil spirits spreading
the disease), eating and drinking disgusting things and even Quarantine and Lock downs.

These Pandemics also helped Europeans Conquer New worlds as they passed these on to the ingenuous settlers who had no immunity or knowledge of such diseases.

In the image given below, Let us take a look at the comparison of our newest guest “THE NOVEL CORONA VIRUS / COVID -19”. After looking at the image, we can be sure with the technological social and medical advancements we can fight this Virus and emerge Victorious.

For the More Curious Cats out there, we have original links which can appease your curiosity.


That highlighted circle is where we are right now – yet a small speck! let’s keep it that way.

Bibliography: The information for the above article has been sourced from the links given below.








Author: Radhika

It is rightly said, “Where there is a will, there is a way”


Our team at Reqelford is constantly working even in this pandemic situation trying to connect with students and hold them on to academics. We are in fact trying to fulfill our Vision-

“Empower our students to be lifelong learners, encourage an international mindset and enable them to contribute productively and responsibly towards the community”.

We are empowering them with the much-needed digital technology, offering classes online, kindling their minds by uploading challenging worksheets and also preparing them for being strong during this quarantine period by engaging them productively. We have initiated unique ‘REQREATE’ folder on google drive which all our students have access to and wherein they get to see some interesting activities, mind games and some exceptional videos to gain experiential learning along with academics. We also conducted time-bound assessments for Grade 11 Cambridge Board classes keeping in mind the urgency for them to stay connected to past paper practices and the need for them to work in exam conditions. The papers were sent via email and answer scripts were sent back by students in the time period specified. Working from home is not too difficult, especially when you have the right mix of equipment and software that will help the workflow. However, there were few technical glitches and we tried to overcome them only to get in touch with our students who are our priority. Communication to parents regarding assignment submission and other queries was prompt and the team leaders -Ms. Ruchi, Ms. Padma and Ms Soma and I worked fabulously as a team extending great support to all our immediate teachers who in turn have been highly supportive in these unprecedented times with prompt follow-ups on students, sending in regular reminders via mail or phone call to students and parents at times, so that maximum work is received from students at all times. Hope this experience of –‘STUDY FROM HOME ‘for students and ‘WORK FROM HOME’ for us teachers will be quite productive in the days to come with lasting memories for a life time.

Author: Vijaya Laxmi Sagar- High School Co-Ordinator

Come What May, I Know The Way – By Mrs. Meera


As I sit down to pen my thoughts, I reconnect with ‘Moana’, a 2016 American 3D computer-animated musical fantasy comedy adventure film which is a story of a strong-willed daughter of the chief of Polynesian tribe. She was chosen by the ocean itself to reunite a mystical relic with a goddess. When light strikes her island, Moana sets sail in search of Maui, a legendary demigod, in hope of saving her people. This anecdote makes me nostalgic of the sudden popup of tigers and snakes out of the three-dimensional books and the thrill of adventure fantasy- an unforgettable childhood journey that we once traversed through in school. “We don’t need a list of rights and wrongs, tables of dos and don’t we need books, time and silence. “Thou shalt not…” is soon forgotten, but “Once upon a time…lasts forever.”- rightly said by Philip Pullman.

We are living a tale ourselves each day, a tale which can never be forgotten… a tale which will be embellished in our minds forever. COVID-19 has redefined our relationships and the working systems of the world. Amidst fear and social distancing, it has become imperative that educationists manage ‘Learning Continuity’ through virtual classrooms and online assignments.

Turning teaching materials into digital format of worksheets, handouts, notes, small assignments etc. has gained momentum lately. This lockdown period has taught me to contribute too to this novel idea of remote learning. As a group of dedicated professionals, we utilized our hours judiciously this month in creating learning materials each day for our kids. We brainstormed innovative avenues of learning, use of newer technology and shortlisted an array of websites through which the material can be made accessible to our students. We were trained on new software to make learning productive. Reqelford’s digital platform – Eskool, Google Drive, WhatsApp groups, Tata Edge amongst others eventually became new platforms of learning. Parents are supporting this drive wholeheartedly and have become guiding angels to their wards.

In addition to the above, we ‘the teaching community’ has become unified to achieve a common goal and will continue to work tirelessly towards it. We, the risk takers, have re-learned the skill of team work and dignity of labor in these times of distress. We have also learned to appreciate our freedom of movement and respect our community in a better sense.

So, with a hope that ‘this too shall pass’, we hope to reunite with our fellow beings more warmly and clothe ourselves with a new personality- A RIGHTEOUS ONE.

Author Name: Mrs. Meera
Department: English
Designation: High School Teacher- IGCSE and CBSE

Flooding Fun – outdoors at Reqelford – By VI alpha (Geography session)


It was a most awaited rainy day, 31st August, 2016. In fact, the class prayed for a day as this, to have an outdoor class regarding the ‘flood prevention schemes’. It was flooding fun! “We had many outdoor classes but not as memorable as this one” said Medha.

Students of Grade-6α with their Geography faculty, Ms Jyothsna were on the soaking wet playground which formed many puddles and random streams joining so called tributaries and rivers and of course the simulated seas. ‘So Students, what happens when it floods?’ asked the teacher. Gayathri immediately shows the wet ground beside the stream and says, ‘This place is all wet and everything looks ruined’. ‘But how do we protect this place from being flooded?’ asked the teacher. Rushil says, ‘Mam, why don’t we build a dam a little before this place’. Medha and Sucharitha got together and picked up some of the biggest pebbles they could find around the place and placed it in the middle of the stream and were able to control the flow and they called it a ‘Dam’. ‘Mam, this side is still wet. What do we do?’ said Bhavik. ‘Afforestation is the answer’ screamed Deepa. Vyshnavi and Gayathri plunged into the job of picking some leaves and little plants and started planting them to reduce the flood. Aanavi noticed another area being flooded and said ‘Mam, what do we do here? The flow is very fast.’ And Mam said ‘Darling, all we have to do is to deepen and widen the channel so that more water fits in and stops flooding the area next to it.’ Or ‘We can even build small walls along the channel’ said Saanvi. ‘They are called ‘Embankments’ screamed Deepa. ‘Mam, I think, this pond is getting too full, can we do something about it?’ asked Bhavik. The teacher said, ‘Oh Yes! We can create some ‘overflow channels’ and allow the extra water to be released without causing harm to the people living around the banks’. ‘Wow, that’s a great idea’ said Sucharitha. Rushil noticed an ‘S- shaped’ stream and said, ‘Mam, it’s taking a long way to reach the sea. Can we do something about this?’. Aanavi said, ‘I think I have an idea, all I have to do is to straighten the channel.’ She then grabbed a twig that was lying close by and the three, Saanvi, Rushil and Aanvi got onto the job of giving a short cut to the stream. All with the muddy hands posed for a beautiful photograph!

….And the teacher had very little to teach on ‘Flood prevention Schemes’ and yet her mission was accomplished!

In all this, I must say thanks to the sprawling ‘Reqelford’ campus at our disposal as we can enjoy a lot of outdoor classes- whether it be ‘The journey of Rivers’, ‘Weathering, Erosion and Transportation’, ‘Checking the soil profile’, ‘Coastal Erosion’, ‘Studying the clouds’ and the list goes on and on….

Students speak…

  • Saanvi: This is the best Geography class ever. I enjoyed getting my hands dirty and getting a little wet in the rain.
  • Gayathri: There is no better way to learn Geography other than this way! I just loved it!
  • Sucharitha: I have learnt so many schemes, I didn’t realize it then but it was so much fun.
  • Aanavi: It was fun working with friends in straightening channels and building dams! I will never forget this.

Flooding Fun

Flooding Fun

Flooding Fun

Flooding Fun

Flooding Fun

Flooding Fun

REQUIZ Interschool Competition


Reqelford International School conducted its 3rd Inter-School Competition this year on the 31st July wherein 19 schools including Reqelford participated. The quiz was on Science with questions based on physics, chemistry, biology and environmental science. Each school sent 4 students – two each for junior and senior categories. The competition began with a solemn prayer. The ACO welcomed the august gathering and read out the rules and regulations. The teams proceeded to the computer lab for the qualifying round. Thereafter the announcement of the finalists names was made and all took their seats in the auditorium for the final quiz comprising of 3 rounds- rapid fire round, buzzer round, and grand finale.

In the Junior category, Reqelford International School ranked 1st, Tejaswi Vidhyaranya School 2nd and Indus Universal School 3rd. In the Senior category, St. Joseph’s School took the 1st prize followed by Army Public School 2nd and St. Peter’s Model School in the 3rd place. Certificates, mementos and prizes were given during the Prize Distribution Ceremony. REQUIZ was indeed a very prestigious event at the Reqelford campus.