Staying at home is time to learn more


Hello everyone!

I am Akshaya Goswami, studying in Grade V. I like to spend time with my family and friends, especially outdoors. But because of the lockdown to prevent viral spread I have to stay inside. Initially it was sheer boredom to stay inside home without going outdoors, no play at park and no meeting with friends. I was not finding anything interesting to do alone at home. Then my parents motivated me to explore my hobby interests and spend more time in creative activities. Now, I spend my time at home by learning new art, crafts like calligraphy, origami, sketching and best out of waste ideas from online videos and I am finding all that pretty interesting.

I also help my parents in household chores especially serving food and cleaning my room. I think it has made me more responsible for my home.

As I am getting regular assignments from my teachers hence I ensure to complete them on time which is another way to keep in touch with my studies. I must say thanks to all my teachers who keep on guiding us even without class rooms.

I always had great interest in reading story books and recently began writing short stories and poems too. One of my poems is based on the situation of lockdown in the country to prevent Corona spread.

I would like to give a message through this poem and that is that when people are at home, families staying together, we can enjoy each and every moment by learning something new. This is a tough time but it will pass too. I hope you enjoy reading my poem. Thank you.

Oh! The time of lock down,
It gives people a big frown.
But don’t be upset,
Because your life can be reset.
Your family is with you,
Poetry, art, drawing and much more you can do.
With your family play many games,
But don’t step out because life is not a game.
In your home, live a healthy life,
Sharpen your skills because creativity can be sharper than a knife.
We can learn things from a cell phone,
Or can even do something of our own.
COVID 19, has worried us,
But, if we stay inside we will overcome this fuss.

Author: Akshaya Goswami
Grade V